bridal makeup

Prep The Canvas

6 months prior to your big day, seek the advice of a spa professional or dermatologist to achieve the best skin of your life. Being fanatic about your skincare regime will go along way towards magnificent memories and fabulous photos.

Flawless Foundation

More time should be spent on the application on foundation and concealer than the entire rest of your makeup combined. Picking the right shade is of the utmost importance. Never, never, never…try to alter your skin tone with foundation.  The heat of your hand provides a much more realistic finish than a sponge or brush.  If your arm doesn’t hurt, you haven’t blended enough.  Set with an HD Finishing powder coordinated to your foundation shade.

The Art of Shadow & Light

Dark makes things recede, light makes thing come forward. This is the cardinal rule of contouring and highlighting. Do not use shimmery products for this underpinning of your features. Shading under the check bone, under the jawline, at the temples, and along the side of the nose will provide a sculptured facade.  Highlighting the top of the cheek bone, the center of the nose, and the tip of the chin will create elegance. The most important thing to remember is to blend until the lines disappear. Just like spanks shouldn’t show, neither should contouring and highlighting

Be Yourself

It’s important that Aunt Marie doesn’t think she is at the wrong wedding. If your daily makeup is fresh and natural, don’t turn yourself into a Kardashian on your big day. Never employ trendy or “look of the moment makeup”.  The pictures are forever and twenty years from now you don’t want to look back and say “what was I thinking?”

Faux Lash or No Faux Lash…That Is the Question

Practice is how you get to Carnegie Hall. The same can be said for lash application so you don’t look like a bad weave landed on your eye. Lash enhancements can make or break your wedding look. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to apply lashes for the very first time on your wedding day. For the most natural look, spend the extra dollars for human hair.  Plastic lashes, look plastic.

Lip Service

Grandma always said never leave the house without a little lipstick on. However, you do not want your mouth to walk down the aisle ten feet ahead of you. To find the perfect shade pull your lower lip down and look for a color close to the inside flesh of your mouth.  Matte, glossy, or patent leather is a personal choice. Make sure your comfortable in your own skin.  

Wishing you all the best on a day you will not forget!

Tim Maurer

wedding skincare