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Makeup Services

A custom product allows you to best suit your needs and preferences with the guidance of a highly trained expert. All of our cosmetic
ingredients are 100% mineral. They are free of any oil, drying alcohol, artificial colorings, dyes or preservatives. Watch your fantasy
come to life while a technician creates your products in front of your very eyes. Check our Bridal Services page for wedding makeup applications.



When searching for more than two custom cosmetics, please book one of our more extensive make-up services. All recipes are
kept on file for future reference.



Make-Up Application

Have our experts take away the stress as you witness the art of applying a new you. A wonderful beginning to that perfect evening or special occasion.

Mukha Staff … $60.00
Artistic Director … $80.00


Make-Up Lesson

We will guide you through a comprehensive yet timely daily routine. Application and instruction is followed by complete removal, then you become the artist. Step by step directions and day-to-evening face charts will go in your new bag of goodies

Mukha Staff … $85.00
Artistic Director … $95.00


Mukha’s Custom Color Palette

Our exclusive Palette allows you to pick the colors and options that fit your needs. Stores: 2 cream to powder cosmetics, 6 lip color/lip glosses, 2 blush/bronzers, 6 eyeshadows, and a complete set of Mukha brushes and mascara.