Lash & Brow Care

Want to achieve lash & brow nirvana? An artist’s touch can deliver a dramatic difference in the persona you present.

Lash Care

  • Lash tint … $30                  
  • Brow tint … $20
  • Lash perm … $100

Strip Application & Individual Application

Achieve a fuller finish to the eye or for a subtle or dramatic look. You may request a waterproof adhesive allowing you to
enjoy your new eyes for up to three days.  $22

Brow Maintenance

An artist’s eye is absolutely necessary to correctly shape your brow. Subtle or dramatic differences are achieved at the hand of our

Artistic Director:$ 25

Mukha Staff: $20

Exquisite Eyes Package

A grouping of services designed to focus on your face. Includes a brow shaping and tint, and a lash perm and tint.  $140