Don’t Forget the Eyebrows! 0

Don’t Forget the Eyebrows Eyebrows signal when you’re surprised or when you are happy. Thinning eyebrows also add age unknowingly. Full brows that are shaped to fit your face can have a youthful appearance. Your brows may be adding years to your face. Examine how you define your brows before resorting to more expensive and invasive treatments.eyebrows

The solution can be very simple. For thinning brows I recommend an eyebrow enhancer such as Grande Brow. It is an eyebrow-enhancing serum that promotes thicker and fuller-looking brows within six to eight weeks. The formula comes with an applicator brush specially designed to deliver product to the natural shape of your brow.

Physician formulated and clinically tested by ophthalmologists for your assurance, this formula is great for all hair and skin types with ingredients such as peptides, vitamins and amino acids for spectacular results.

Also worth considering if you want also grow in your brows naturally is Biotin. I have a client who has been using a biotin supplement for six months with great results. Her eyebrows have gone from sparse to bushy. Biotin has been recognized as a natural nutrient that helps keep a young, attractive appearance, as it is vital for maintaining the health of your hair, nails and skin.

For those impatient types who want fuller brows now, we have our Sketch Stick Brow pencils. These make defining your brows easier than ever before. Our Sketch Stick allows for the perfect arch and is available in 4 colors to blend with any skin and hair color. If you want instant satisfaction, our restorative artist, Krista Schnarr, can do natural hair brow enhancement.

You need to give your eyebrows the same care and attention you’d show to your hair. Just like your hairstyle, the shape and style of your eyebrows needs to be maintained. If you’re one of those people who need help maintaining your brows, an artist’s eye is sometimes absolutely necessary to correctly shape your brow. Subtle or dramatic differences are achieved at the hand of our expert team. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment.

The work of inter-nationally recognized make-up artist, Tim Maurer, has been featured in leading magazines such as British Vogue, on fashion runways around the globe, and in feature films like “Little Man Tate” and “Field of Dreams.” As an apprentice of make-up icon, Way Bandy, Mr. Maurer developed his skills in New York City. He has given seminars on make-up techniques for everyday living to theatrical and stage F/X application. Mr. Maurer has continued to stay on the front edge of new technique and trend in make-up, and he is often called upon to create fresh new looks for shoots and runway events all around the world.

Most recently Mr. Maurer served as Beauty Director of the Mrs. International Pageant System and was a contributor to the article “Beyond Makeup 101” in of les nouvelles esthetiques. Continuing to share his unique vision, Mr. Maurer has developed his own color and skin treatment line. Mukha is a 100% mineral-based cosmetic line that is oil, alcohol, fragrance and talc free. Using cutting edge ingredients, all of the products are designed to improve the look and texture of aging skin.


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Prep The Canvas

6 months prior to your big day, seek the advice of a spa professional or dermatologist to achieve the best skin of your life. Being fanatic about your skincare regime will go along way towards magnificent memories and fabulous photos.

Flawless Foundation

More time should be spent on the application on foundation and concealer than the entire rest of your makeup combined. Picking the right shade is of the utmost importance. Never, never, never…try to alter your skin tone with foundation.  The heat of your hand provides a much more realistic finish than a sponge or brush.  If your arm doesn’t hurt, you haven’t blended enough.  Set with an HD Finishing powder coordinated to your foundation shade.

The Art of Shadow & Light

Dark makes things recede, light makes thing come forward. This is the cardinal rule of contouring and highlighting. Do not use shimmery products for this underpinning of your features. Shading under the check bone, under the jawline, at the temples, and along the side of the nose will provide a sculptured facade.  Highlighting the top of the cheek bone, the center of the nose, and the tip of the chin will create elegance. The most important thing to remember is to blend until the lines disappear. Just like spanks shouldn’t show, neither should contouring and highlighting

Be Yourself

It’s important that Aunt Marie doesn’t think she is at the wrong wedding. If your daily makeup is fresh and natural, don’t turn yourself into a Kardashian on your big day. Never employ trendy or “look of the moment makeup”.  The pictures are forever and twenty years from now you don’t want to look back and say “what was I thinking?”

Faux Lash or No Faux Lash…That Is the Question

Practice is how you get to Carnegie Hall. The same can be said for lash application so you don’t look like a bad weave landed on your eye. Lash enhancements can make or break your wedding look. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to apply lashes for the very first time on your wedding day. For the most natural look, spend the extra dollars for human hair.  Plastic lashes, look plastic.

Lip Service

Grandma always said never leave the house without a little lipstick on. However, you do not want your mouth to walk down the aisle ten feet ahead of you. To find the perfect shade pull your lower lip down and look for a color close to the inside flesh of your mouth.  Matte, glossy, or patent leather is a personal choice. Make sure your comfortable in your own skin.  

Wishing you all the best on a day you will not forget!

Tim Maurer

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You Can Have Mesmerizing Eyes 0

It seems that everyone is focusing on eyes this month. But why not? There is nothing more beautiful than long lashes, perfectly shaped eyebrows and eye shadow that pops. Over the years I have learned a few techniques that will help you create those fabulous eyes at home.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.24.35 PM

These tips will not only save you time and give you that glamour everyone wants.

  • Always Use A Lash Primer: I always use Grande Primer, a lash boosting pre-mascara lengthener & thickener that is infused with nutrient rich mini fibers to boost your natural lashes while immediately improving lash appearance.  Not only do your lashes look fuller and longer, but it contains the special ingredient Sympeptide 226EL-a lash conditioner that helps prevent breakage.
  • De-clump Mascara: I recommend replacing your mascara every month. Just for sanitary reasons. (Eye infections are so not glamorous). But if you only have a tube that is clumpy, here’s a quick fix. Put a few drops of Vitamin E into your mascara. This will help break up the clumps. This will work until you get the chance to replace it
  • Grow Thicker Lashes: When your lashes aren’t as thick or long as they used to be this product is a true gift. GrandeLASH-MD is a clinically tested lash enhancing serum that promotes shiny, lush and longer-looking lashes. If you want the appearance of spectacular long lashes naturally. It will help to improve the appearance of your eyelashes in only 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Tight Lining: This tip works great when you want your lashes to appear longer, thicker, and fuller. Tight lining is the method of lining your upper waterline instead of above your lashes to give the appearance of thicker lashes. While the difference is subtle it’s a terrific boost to your appearance. Our Eyeliner is perfect for this tight lining and for creating a cat eye effect. It has a soft and luxurious glide that dries to a perfect finish.
  • Eye Shadow That Pops: Apply our Cream To Powder Foundation with a light hand over your entire lid. For shadow that lasts, use a flat brush and press the shadow on top. This technique makes the color everlasting. To blend, use a soft brush like a “windshield wiper” to soften edges. Eye Makeup should be more like a “Monet”, less like a “Rembrandt”.

The work of inter-nationally recognized make-up artist, Tim Maurer, has been featured in leading magazines such as British Vogue, on fashion runways around the globe, and in feature films like “Little Man Tate” and “Field of Dreams.” Mr. Maurer developed his skills in New York City and has given seminars on make-up techniques for everyday living to theatrical and stage F/X application.

Mr. Maurer has continued to stay on the front edge of new technique and trend in make-up, and he is often called upon to create fresh new looks for shoots and runway events all around the world.Most recently Mr. Maurer served as Beauty Director of the Mrs. International Pageant System and was a contributor to the article “Beyond Makeup 101” in of les nouvelles esthetiques.

Mr. Maurer has developed his own color and skin treatment line, Mukha. It is a 100% mineral-based cosmetic that is oil, alcohol, fragrance and talc free. Using cutting edge ingredients, all of the products are designed to improve the look and texture of aging skin naturally.

Be sure and shop online today.  For a limited time we have a trio of eye enhancing products on SALE!

Top 5 Foods for Beauty under $5 0

Natural beauty tipswidth=”360″ height=”345″ />

Every beauty regime should start with a healthy diet and it doesn’t have to be expensive.                                          

I am not going to tell you to throw out your fantastic serum or face cream, but along with your regular beauty regime, you may want add some Super Foods to build your beauty from the inside too.

As close as your kitchen, these 5 super foods can help you enhance your appearance:


This Gluten Free Food is not just “for the birds. Millet is full of Antioxidant nourishment.  It is a good source of some very important nutrients, including manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Collard Greens

Collard Greens are often touted as the world’s healthiest food.  They provide 70% of RDA of Vitamin C and other antioxidant nutrients.  Another benefit of collard greens is the detox support they provide.  Try using them as a wrap for tacos.


Radishes contain lots of Vitamin C, a powerful water soluble anti-oxidant required by the body for synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C helps the body scavenge harmful free radicals, prevention from cancers, inflammation and help boost immunity. They are great for putting the shine in your hair. The best use is to eat them raw on a salad.


Cilantro’s chemical compounds bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.  It has strong antioxidant properties and  helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite cause by heavy metals laying in the adipose tissue.


You probably think about celery as a crunchy, low-calorie vegetable but not a key part of your health support.  It is time to re-think celery’s role in your beauty regime.  Recent research indicates celery has anti-inflammatory health benefits and also is great at relieving puffiness under the eyes. Celery has the perfect balance of potassium and sodium.

Every beauty regime starts with a healthy diet and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tim Tells the Truth About Serums 0

serum lab picWhen anyone talks about skin serums, they invoke images of scientists in a lab concocting elixirs that defy aging.  Most are pricey.  I am constantly asked, “Are they worth the price?

Many are absorbed into the skin immediately, while others soothe like cream.  Most are water based with silicone added to make them glide over the skin.  They come in a variety of formulas designed to correct wrinkles, fade dark spots, and refresh your skins appearance.

The biggest advantage to serums is they give direct access to your skin without the interference of moisturizers.   Some contain Retinol to stimulate cell regeneration. Some contain vitamin C that is wonderful for correcting sun damage.  Some contain an exfoliant such as alpha hydroxy or lactic acid to brighten skin.  Serums are much stronger than regular creams or moisturizers.  They deliver a stronger concentration than regular products and can deliver amazing results.

What do I recommend to my clients when considering serums? 

Our products are free of harsh, sometimes toxic ingredients such as preservatives, sulfates, or parabens.  Vitamin C, found in our Vitasilk C  serum, treats sun damage.  Vitamin A and peptides found in our Visulift and Vitanol A serums, treat aging.   Sea-obtained ingredients soothe irritation and help the function of the skin’s immune system. Our Skin Refining Concentrate and Hyalurepair both contain these.

Check out our full line of serums. There is a serum for each skin type and aging concern. Be sure that you don’t let the product sit too long.  Ingredients such as vitamin C and Retinol can breakdown over time and are not as effective.

Serums are one of the best products on the market for treating specific skin issues and can deliver great results.

Tips for Keeping Your Hands Soft and Supple 0

Dry chapped skin on your hands is very common in the winter.  But you can have soft, healthy hands all year round if you understand what causes chapped hands and how to prevent them.

Why are hands so susceptible to drying and cracking?     natural hand cream

The skin on your hands is much thicker than skin on the rest of your body.  It doesn’t chap as quickly as other areas of your body like your face, when you are exposed to harsh weather.

The oils that are found naturally in the skin on your hands are regularly absorbed by items that are touched during the course of the day. Your hands become drier as the oils are removed.


Use a moisturizing soap to wash your hands. Many people use antibacterial soap believing it kills germs better than regular soap. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health have proven that antibacterial soap does not clean your hands any better than regular soap. Moisturizing soaps are gentler on your hands, cause less drying, and kill germs effectively.

Don’t use dish soap to wash your hands. Dish soap is formulated to remove grease and oils and will cause excessive drying of the skin on the hands. Always wear gloves when washing dishes.  This will protect your hands.

Hand Lotion

Our Anti-Aging Hand Cream contains lactic acid to lighten pigment, glycolic acid to exfoliate, and a chemical-free SPF 30.

Dry chapped hands can be very sensitive, so use a hand lotion that doesn’t contain dyes or harsh perfumes. Natural botanical ingredients are good for sensitive skin. They can also have healing properties that won’t irritate your hands.  Our Body Butter is excellent for dry hands, in such places as elbows and feet.

Body Butter is ideal for cracked hands.  It treats your hands with an exotic mix of super-refined Shea Butter that is whipped to a silky consistency using purified sea water and soy milk to replenish your hand’s essential moisture. Soy moisturizers are effective in improving texture, pigmentation, dullness and overall skin tone.  The concentrated formula helps to regenerate and restore the elasticity of the skin making hands look and feel soft and smooth.


Special Treatments

For more serious issues, we can turn to mechanical exfoliation such as micro-dermabrasion or a light chemical peel.  We follow with oil-enriched body butter and heated mitts to help penetrate the product. Call us today for an appointment!

Apply Eyeliner Like a Professional 0

There are many ways to define your eyes with eyeliner.  Most are simple techniques that you can easily do at home. All you need is the right brush and a steady hand.

The first style defines your eyes by lining the lash line with pencil, shadow (dry or wet), or a gel-based liquid/cream liner.  The true purpose of liner, in my opinion is to enhance and define the lashes.  Fads and trends come and go quickly, but most women prefer a more conservative use of liner for day and a more dramatic application for evening. Many professional women want a more groomed look.

Using a dramatic shade of liner will create a more commanding presence. If you are leery of using eye makeup, liner application can be the scariest part of the application.

Practice controlling a very thin brush while creating a superfine line on a piece of paper. Doing this will make it a breeze when you attempt it on your eyes. You want to create a thin, straight and flowing line drawn directly into the base of the upper lashes.

A lot of women looking for a natural finish will prefer to see liner on the upper eyelid but not underneath the eye. If you have deeply-set eyes, do the opposite, as solely lining underneath will help even out symmetry.

The larger the lid space, the fuller the liner can spread. You can accentuate the length of the eye by extending the liner slightly beyond the outer corners. Slanting the liner upward gives the eye makeup a 1960s Audrey Hepburn feel. Dragging the liner downward was a favorite device of MAX Factor when working with Marilyn Monroe. The look creates a dreamy, almost sleepy bedroom eye. It is necessary, when using both of the techniques, to line from one end to the other of the eye.Stopping midway will look harsh and completely unfinished. Combining this look with the technique of rimming the inner skin of the eye can be very glamorous.

To rim the eye, use a very soft pencil and warm the colored wax on the back of your hand prior to application. This will take any sharp edge off the tip of the pencil. Be careful that no wood comes in contact with the tender mucous membranes of the eye. Use little to no pressure. Look toward the ceiling and use your free hand to pull down the inner flesh of the eye. In one continuous movement, slide the pencil across the membrane.  Our Eyeliner Pencil is perfect for this technique.  They are soft and luxurious and dries to a perfect finish. A blending smudger allows for a smokey look. They are available in 9 fabulous colors to accent any eye color.

To rim the upper lash line, look down.  Lift the lid and with a steady hand slide the pencil under the upper lashes gently.  Rimming is a practiced technique and should not be used if you have a petite space from lash to lash. Remember, we are defining the space and shape of the eye. You will only succeed in making a small space more obvious—and appear even smaller.