Tim Tells the Truth About Serums 0

February 11th, 2013 by Tim

serum lab picWhen anyone talks about skin serums, they invoke images of scientists in a lab concocting elixirs that defy aging.  Most are pricey.  I am constantly asked, “Are they worth the price?

Many are absorbed into the skin immediately, while others soothe like cream.  Most are water based with silicone added to make them glide over the skin.  They come in a variety of formulas designed to correct wrinkles, fade dark spots, and refresh your skins appearance.

The biggest advantage to serums is they give direct access to your skin without the interference of moisturizers.   Some contain Retinol to stimulate cell regeneration. Some contain vitamin C that is wonderful for correcting sun damage.  Some contain an exfoliant such as alpha hydroxy or lactic acid to brighten skin.  Serums are much stronger than regular creams or moisturizers.  They deliver a stronger concentration than regular products and can deliver amazing results.

What do I recommend to my clients when considering serums? 

Our products are free of harsh, sometimes toxic ingredients such as preservatives, sulfates, or parabens.  Vitamin C, found in our Vitasilk C  serum, treats sun damage.  Vitamin A and peptides found in our Visulift and Vitanol A serums, treat aging.   Sea-obtained ingredients soothe irritation and help the function of the skin’s immune system. Our Skin Refining Concentrate and Hyalurepair both contain these.

Check out our full line of serums. There is a serum for each skin type and aging concern. Be sure that you don’t let the product sit too long.  Ingredients such as vitamin C and Retinol can breakdown over time and are not as effective.

Serums are one of the best products on the market for treating specific skin issues and can deliver great results.

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