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January 25th, 2013 by Tim

Dry chapped skin on your hands is very common in the winter.  But you can have soft, healthy hands all year round if you understand what causes chapped hands and how to prevent them.

Why are hands so susceptible to drying and cracking?     natural hand cream

The skin on your hands is much thicker than skin on the rest of your body.  It doesn’t chap as quickly as other areas of your body like your face, when you are exposed to harsh weather.

The oils that are found naturally in the skin on your hands are regularly absorbed by items that are touched during the course of the day. Your hands become drier as the oils are removed.


Use a moisturizing soap to wash your hands. Many people use antibacterial soap believing it kills germs better than regular soap. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health have proven that antibacterial soap does not clean your hands any better than regular soap. Moisturizing soaps are gentler on your hands, cause less drying, and kill germs effectively.

Don’t use dish soap to wash your hands. Dish soap is formulated to remove grease and oils and will cause excessive drying of the skin on the hands. Always wear gloves when washing dishes.  This will protect your hands.

Hand Lotion

Our Anti-Aging Hand Cream contains lactic acid to lighten pigment, glycolic acid to exfoliate, and a chemical-free SPF 30.

Dry chapped hands can be very sensitive, so use a hand lotion that doesn’t contain dyes or harsh perfumes. Natural botanical ingredients are good for sensitive skin. They can also have healing properties that won’t irritate your hands.  Our Body Butter is excellent for dry hands, in such places as elbows and feet.

Body Butter is ideal for cracked hands.  It treats your hands with an exotic mix of super-refined Shea Butter that is whipped to a silky consistency using purified sea water and soy milk to replenish your hand’s essential moisture. Soy moisturizers are effective in improving texture, pigmentation, dullness and overall skin tone.  The concentrated formula helps to regenerate and restore the elasticity of the skin making hands look and feel soft and smooth.


Special Treatments

For more serious issues, we can turn to mechanical exfoliation such as micro-dermabrasion or a light chemical peel.  We follow with oil-enriched body butter and heated mitts to help penetrate the product. Call us today for an appointment!

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