Tips For A Perfect Fake Tan!

At Mukha we strive to educate our clients on how to protect and improve their skin.  It is no surprise that we discourage baking in the sun or in a tanning bed.  Sun is the number one enemy of beautiful skin!

perfect fake tan tips

We realize that almost everyone feels better with a little color.  Who does not like to have a tan, especially in the summer?  We encourage our “spray on”, hand applied tan.  Not only is it beautiful and safe, it also gives you that lovely golden brown color and none of the damaging after effects.

A spray tan will last between 5-10 days depending on your skin type.  Here are a few tips to insure you get the best tan.


The day before your tanning session you will need to:

Exfoliate your entire body prior to your tanning session to remove the dead skin layer and allow the product to adhere evenly.  Dead flaky skin will cause dark patches to your new tan.   Our Exfoliating Body Scrub is perfect for this!  Pay special attention to heels, knees and elbows.

Follow with a rich moisture lotion on your entire body.

Shave or use a depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair at least 24 hours prior to tanning.

The day of your tanning session:

You will want to shower and exfoliate again.  Do not use any moisture today!  You do not want to have a barrier between your skin and the tanning spray.

Be sure to take or wear loose, dark colored cotton clothing!  No tight jeans today!  Also bring or wear a pair of dark flip flops to wear home. We recommend dark colored underwear to avoid staining. In case of rain, bring an umbrella.

Upon completion of your session, it is best to wear loose clothing and avoid getting wet for at least 8 hours.  Water can cause streaking.  Also, please avoid activity that may cause you to sweat.  This allows the product to work to its fullest potential.

After waiting at least 8 hours it is safe to shower with a mild, moisturizing shower gel.  You will notice the cosmetic bronzer rinsing off but this is very normal.  Your lovely tan will remain.  Follow with a good moisturizer daily.  This will extend the life of your tan.

The work of inter-nationally recognized make-up artist, Tim Maurer, has been featured in leading magazines such as British Vogue, on fashion runways around the globe, and in feature films like “Little Man Tate” and “Field of Dreams.” As an apprentice of make-up icon, Way Bandy, Mr. Maurer developed his skills in New York City. He has given seminars on make-up techniques for everyday living to theatrical and stage F/X application. Mr. Maurer has continued to stay on the front edge of new technique and trend in make-up, and he is often called upon to create fresh new looks for shoots and runway events all around the world.

Most recently Mr. Maurer served as Beauty Director of the Mrs. International Pageant System and was a contributor to the article “Beyond Makeup 101” in of les nouvelles esthetiques. Continuing to share his unique vision, Mr. Maurer has developed his own color and skin treatment line. Mukha is a 100% mineral-based cosmetic line that is oil, alcohol, fragrance and talc free. Using cutting edge ingredients, all of the products are designed to improve the look and texture of aging skin.