The Season’s Latest Trends

By Jenny Rogers Capital Style  •  Thursday May 14, 2015 6:08 AM  
mukha cosmetic
What makeup artist Tim Maurer does better than anyone else, he said, is “look at what’s happening on the runway and diffuse it so that it’s wearable for real people, out in public.”In other words, his team at Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-Spa in the Short North makes high fashion practical. Beauty trends this spring — showcased in the fall in New York — include dewy, luminous skin; bold eye colors (with even green making a comeback); and plum-hued lips.With more than a month to go until summer, Mukha owner Maurer recently shared his thoughts on some of the seasonal trends:

Embrace colors

Wearing color again, he said, is considered safe. “I’m glad to see that what MAC did in the 1980s with color is allowed again,” said Maurer, referring to the makeup line known for bold, daring hues. Mixing and matching, too, are acceptable.

“You can wear an orange eye and a pink lip together,” he said. “If you’re picking the right shades, it works.” To make a statement, though, he recommended choosing one dominant color. “That kiwi green for eyes is big right now,” said Maurer, suggesting that it be paired with minimal mascara and a nude lip gloss. Or make a red lip color your statement, he said, and pair it with mascara and groomed eyebrows. “Don’t say everything on your face,” he cautioned.

Ditch smoky eyes

“It’s a no-no every time; we are so done,” Maurer said of the recently popular eye style that, when done right, features diffused and expertly blended color. Instead, he said, go for a “real liner” look of lined lashes.

Line your eyes not on the skin but within the lash line —“so you’re literally pulling the skin down a bit and running your brush right along where the lashes grow,” he said.

The technique defines the lashes but without the heavy use of eyeliner. Anyone who really loves the look of bold eye makeup, Maurer said, should try applying three coats of mascara — while still ensuring that she separates the lashes.

Define brows

To draw attention to your eyes, Maurer said, consider fuller brows. You achieve them effectively, he said, by using a brow liner a shade lighter than your hair color. “This way,” he said, “you don’t look like your brows are walking into the room an hour before the rest of your face.”