Apply Eyeliner Like a Professional

There are many ways to define your eyes with eyeliner.  Most are simple techniques that you can easily do at home. All you need is the right brush and a steady to apply eyeliner

The first style defines your eyes by lining the lash line with pencil, shadow (dry or wet), or a gel-based liquid/cream liner.  The true purpose of liner, in my opinion is to enhance and define the lashes.

Fads and trends come and go quickly, but most women prefer a more conservative use of liner for day and a more dramatic application for evening. Many professional women want a more groomed look.

Using a dramatic shade of liner will create a more commanding presence. If you are leery of using eye makeup, liner application can be the scariest part of the application.

Practice controlling a very thin brush while creating a superfine line on a piece of paper.

Doing this will make it a breeze when you attempt it on your eyes. You want to create a thin, straight and flowing line drawn directly into the base of the upper lashes.

A lot of women looking for a natural finish will prefer to see liner on the upper eyelid but not underneath the eye.

If you have deeply-set eyes, do the opposite, as solely lining underneath will help even out symmetry.

The larger the lid space, the fuller the liner can spread. You can accentuate the length of the eye by extending the liner slightly beyond the outer corners.

Slanting the liner upward gives the eye makeup a 1960s Audrey Hepburn feel. Dragging the liner downward was a favorite device of MAX Factor when working with Marilyn Monroe. The look creates a dreamy, almost sleepy bedroom eye. It is necessary, when using both of the techniques, to line from one end to the other of the eye.

Stopping midway will look harsh and completely unfinished. Combining this look with the technique of rimming the inner skin of the eye can be very glamorous.

To rim the eye, use a very soft pencil and warm the colored wax on the back of your hand prior to application. This will take any sharp edge off the tip of the pencil. Be careful that no wood comes in contact with the tender mucous membranes of the eye.

Use little to no pressure. Look toward the ceiling and use your free hand to pull down the inner flesh of the eye. In one continuous movement, slide the pencil across the membrane.

To rim the upper lash line, look down.  Lift the lid and with a steady hand slide the pencil under the upper lashes gently.  Rimming is a practiced technique and should not be used if you have a petit space from lash to lash. Remember, we are defining the space and shape of the eye. You will only succeed in making a small space more obvious—and appear even smaller.